While it’s only a year old, BricksInMotion has earned a place alongside as a great site for anyone interested in brickfilming, or LEGO in general. Home to more than 1000 brickfilms and a large community of Brickfilmers. The official LEGO website. Without LEGO, brickfilming would not be. Managed by Jason Martin, this is the place to host your brickfilm related content.

Other Brickfilmers’ Websites

Oblong Pictures: Creator of such films as Out of Time and Tough Questions.

Nosniborus Productions: Creator of the Frankenstien, the scariest Brickfilm you will ever see.

One Brick Studios: Site of the Nathan Wells. Admin at, constant poster at Brothers-Brick, and previous co-host of The Brickfilmers’ Guide.

MindGame Studios: Creator of that infamous duo Ben and Andy, and BAMPA Nominee Mirrored Perspectave.

LegosJedi Studios: Creator of such films as The End of Brickfilms, LegosJedi is also co-host of The Brickfilmers’ Guide, and he also runs HostBrickMovies.

BertL Studios: Creator of films such as Storyline Buildup and Onorno. Spread the love.

Munzapoppa Mini Movies: Creator of films such as One Small Pizza and Sweet Temptation.

Aled Owen Studios: He’s Aled Owen. ‘Nuff said.

Marble Blast Related

Phil’ Home of Marble Blast Platinum and Levelstation 2.0.

MarbleBlast Forums: The best place to talk about MarbleBlast related and some sometimes unrelated content.

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