Some somethings…

Just a couple little updates. Since I started really doing my school again, I’ve been feeling the urge to make another film. So, for the past few days, I have slowly been animating it, and it’s progressing pretty well; I hit a snag last night, trying to animate something I don’t think has ever been animated in a brickfilm before, so I think I’ll practice animating it today, then do the real thing tonight.

In Marble Blast Platinum news, I have started level building again. My current WIP is coming along nicely; I don’t have a date set, though, because now that all my level building stuff is on the family computer, I don’t have as much time to build as I did before. Which is actually a good thing, I think, but will mean longer times between each of my levels.

And to finish things off, I’ve messed around with the widgets again, and I’ve got a shiny new BricksInMotion link there, courtesy of Philip Heinrich, BiM admin. I might get around to making my own links to my YouTube channel, and other interesting sites.

And that’s all for today.



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