Title is Irrelevant

June 24, 2009

Yes, people! Have finally made a new film, and I made it five days ago! Well, yes, another testament to my awful blogging habits. Anyway, you can view the film on YouTube, here, and sometime in the near future (between now and the time I die), I will put it on the Films page.

Now, it’s just a matter of time before I start working on another film; I have several ideas circulating around in my head, each of them as random as the next. Except for one, which is a more serious plot. I’ll keep you posted on any upcoming projects.


Some somethings…

June 10, 2009

Just a couple little updates. Since I started really doing my school again, I’ve been feeling the urge to make another film. So, for the past few days, I have slowly been animating it, and it’s progressing pretty well; I hit a snag last night, trying to animate something I don’t think has ever been animated in a brickfilm before, so I think I’ll practice animating it today, then do the real thing tonight.

In Marble Blast Platinum news, I have started level building again. My current WIP is coming along nicely; I don’t have a date set, though, because now that all my level building stuff is on the family computer, I don’t have as much time to build as I did before. Which is actually a good thing, I think, but will mean longer times between each of my levels.

And to finish things off, I’ve messed around with the widgets again, and I’ve got a shiny new BricksInMotion link there, courtesy of Philip Heinrich, BiM admin. I might get around to making my own links to my YouTube channel, and other interesting sites.

And that’s all for today.


And then there were… SQUIRRELS!!!

June 4, 2009

If you can’t tell by the title, I just recently saw Up, on Monday, and as you probably already know, it is great. Definitely one of Pixar’s saddest films, and violent for a Pixar film (hence the PG rating), but it had a great story, and Muntz was a great villain, in my opinion. So, I’ll give it four out of four stars. I wish I could give it a better review, but I fail at those.

I also failed to mention that I saw Angels & Demons last Tuesday. It was severely underrated, and I did not see the twist coming. And that’s all I’ll say; for reasons mentioned above.

In other news, I’ll need about $300-$400. I’ve gotten introduced to Sins of a Solar Empire, a game any true RTS fan should check out; I’m planning on upgrading my computer with a card from the Nividia GeForce 9000 series, which I will plug into a new monitor, and there are two new LEGO titles I coming out that I am looking forward to; LEGO Indiana Jones: The Adventure Continues and LEGO Harry Potter.

If I have any extra money leftover, maybe I’ll get myself a mini-fridge…