Dot-com or dot-org, that is the question.

So, after a long break from blogging, in which I haven’t had much to say, I decided to post something, even though I didn’t have anything to say, really.

Now, I have something to say.

So, I typed “” into my address bar, hit enter, and was bombarded (well, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration) with all this stuff about downloading some WordPress program, website hosting, ect. But no login area. After several clicks, I found that I was supposed to go to to sign in. Okay, fine, but there should at least be a bit of distinction. All there is on the home page about the free blogs is “Or, for the ultimate in ease of use, get a free blog on” No, I’m not new to blogging. Yes, I would like to go to my free blog, but no, I don’t want to have to go to the “get-a-new-blog” page to get to it. Maybe I’m just ranting, and there is really no point to this post, but I really think there should at least be a picture-link, near the top of the page, that clearly states “Do you already have a free blog? Sign in here!”

In other news, while I am trying to get myself back into brickfilming, and just find many other things to fill my time with, I would like to pick up another hobby; a new one or an old one (hint, hint, HINT).


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