Summer Movies

Okay, not technically all summer movies, but it’s pretty close.

Okay, any animation fanatic, or anyone at all, for that matter, should be looking forward to this movie. I know I am. With Pixar’s excellent track record, and the positive comments about it (no reviews, because not many have technically seen the whole film yet), including some people calling it a “tear-jerker,” (rare for animated films), I can’t wait much longer. I constantly find myself watching the trailer (which I have stored on my computer, and will have on my iPod, when I get one), which only pumps me up even more. We may already have a big contender for the 2010 Best Picture award, considering how close WALL•E seemed to be to getting nominated.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
I was very surprised when I found out that HBP is rated PG, considering it is one of the darkest of the novels. I mean, considering who dies at the end, the Inferi, all the attacks, and the fact that the last two films were PG-13, I was expecting this one to be as well. That said, I’m sure this will be a very exciting film, and I can’t wait to see it.

Transformers 2
Okay, I admit it. I’m only looking forward to this movie because of the giant robots. I am a guy, after all.

Angels and Demons
I haven’t seen much about this movie; however, The Da Vinci Code was a great movie, and I’m sure this one will be, too.

In other, brickfilming related news, that line my voice actor (who will remain anonymous until the film’s release) recorded recently will not appear in the film, because after running through the film in my head, I realized that line, funny as I thought it was, would have ruined the ending to the film. I now have something in place that I think makes the film much awesomer, in an odd sort of way.


2 Responses to Summer Movies

  1. Jim Daniels says:

    you forgot X men origins:Wolverine. Great movie, I’m glad they decided to keep on doing the X men legacy.

  2. brenden17 says:

    I saw UP and it was pretty good. It was sad at the beginning but I wouldn’t call it tear-jerker but thats my opinion. Pixar is 10 for 10

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