I only just noticed that Dunechaser from linked to my blog in one of the recent posts, when I suggested adding something in. So I thought I’d update the blog for those who are new. It’s been a long time, so I should update it anyway. is down (again) as I write this, so I am constantly quoting Nathan “Lord_Of_The_LEGO” Wells, “I want my brickfilms fix!”

I have recently been working on my FAR entry, and I am making good progress. I have a set partially built, which I will post pictures of later, both on here and on Brickfilms. I might also post them on Classic-Castle, so I can get help from the MOC pros.

Speaking of Classic-Castle, I recently met CC member Matt DeBar at a weekend event called Winter Weekend. We had fun talking about various LEGO related things, and various CC members. We have yet to meet online, however.

As for my custom levels, I have made about 5-6 levels since MBP came out, and I will try to update the custom levels page with those soon.

Well, we come to the end of what seems to be my longest post on this blog. I’ll try to update this more often.



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